Teavent 2016: 3 Wise Teas

Teavent 2016: 3 Wise Teas

In which I belatedly start on my advent calendar...

Let me spin you a tale, dear Reader, of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and stock control. Don't worry it isn't that boring. I was sadly on a last minute business trip last week which means I missed the opportunity to purchase an advent calendar. I figured that I would be able to get an interesting and different one in the States but alas I was wrong. I also figured that I would be able to pick up a discounted one in a UK supermarket on the 2nd after I landed but alas Tesco's stock control meant they didn't even have an awful one left!

I had basically resigned myself to not finding one this year.

Harrods English Breakfast

Sorry for the delay everyone I have been busy with work and generally not drinking enough new tea :S


As with most of the loose leaf teas I have reviewed a 3-5 minute brewing time as a matter of personal taste is required.


Tea coloured. This is quintessential tea!


It smells like tea. I feel I may have to start reviewing more exotic teas to stop making this section a little boring :S


I think I prefer this to the Twinings English Breakfast. It seems to have a fuller flavour and is very good for kick starting your day :)


Funnily enough I bought this tea in Harrods and have since enjoyed it on many occasions. Despite what you may have heard about Harrods this won't set you back any more than other leaf teas on the market. If you are a tea (or coffee) lover I can really recommend the Tea & Coffee section of Harrods. The staff there are very knowledgeable and helpful. There is also a ridiculous range of more expensive blends to try if you like :)


A very good cup of tea. Also not as expensive as you would expect!


Harrods English Breakfast Tea

See you all next week!