Teavent 2016: Tea with a Vengeance

In which I drink 3 more teas...

So despite my plan to drink 2 teas yesterday I accidentally slept away my jetlag. Which means another bumper, 3 tea issue today!

My early morning tea today.

#4 - Fruity Christmas

Tea Style: Fruit infusion.

Flavours: Apples, honeydewmelon, cinnamon, chicory, raisins, hibiscus.

Verdict: This smells really festive but once again only the main flavour was particularly obvious. Even brewing at the upper end (a 5 minute brew) I can't seem to eek out the more interesting flavours. Once again, pleasant but not festive.




#5 - Gingerbread Tea

Tea Style: Rooibos.

Flavours: Ginger, cinnamon, raisins, cardamom, apples.

Verdict: This one smells even more festive than the last tea :) As for flavour both the ginger and cinnamon are pretty strong and the tea has a lovely, spicy warming taste. Festive, tasty and a real winter warmer!




#6 - Mrs Claus' Cuppa

Tea Style: Herbal infusion.

Flavours: Lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, garcinia leaf, lemon peel, hibiscus, strawberries.

Verdict: I hadn't realised I was such a fan of peppermint teas. This one is very distinct from tea #3 which I attrivute mostly to the lemongrass. Another very nice brew but I wouldn't call it particularly festive.




Tom Out!