Tom 3-0

Tom 3.5 & Life Plan 2014

In which I talk about fitness and the road ahead...

Tom 3.5

So once again I am unhappy with my level of physical fitness having let it slide a lot with work and other stress getting in the way. I need a new ridiculous goal but first I need to get back to my old fitness levels. I'm back on the old horse having started running everyday again and I've rejoined the gym. Expect a longer post in about 2 weeks time about how things are going.

I'm thinking my next "ridiculous challenge" should either be Tough Mudder or an ultra marathon (~40 miles not one of the 100 mile ones).

Why Tom 3.5? Well my last fitness drive was Tom 3.0. This isn't entirely a new leaf it's just me reminding myself to get back to what I was doing and hopefully take it further.

Life Plan (2014)

These are my goals for the next 10 years. I'm going to start posting the one year goals each January instead of having fixed New Year's Resolutions.

This Year:

  • Start learning Guitar (again)
  • Start learning Piano
  • Get a job
  • Finish my PhD
  • Don’t have a fat graduation photo
  • Receive my QSA at Windsor
  • Receive my DofE Gold
  • Write more short stories
  • Enroll on another marathon/Tough Mudder

In 5 Years:

  • Be earning £40k+
  • Be married or almost married
  • Have a published book
  • Have worked towards grades in Piano
  • Grade 5 music theory

In 10 Years:

  • Have children
  • Grade 8 Piano
  • Have several published novels


So I'm in full thesis writing mode at the moment but that doesn't mean I'm constantly writing. I do procrastinate (though usually with other jobs I need to get done) and this brilliant article explains why that's helpful:

State of the Thesis

The thesis is currently 122 pages long with 29,206 words and 154,203 characters.

Tom Out!

Tom 3.0: Week 2

A week 2 round-up...

So here's how week one has gone :)

Week 1

Weight Waist Arms Legs T.I. KCal Chest Neck Hips
Week 1 92 kg 41.75" 25" 45.25" 111.5" 1,970
Week 2 90 kg 41" 23.75" 44.5" 109.25" 658 41.5" 15.75" 39"
Difference -2 kg -0.75" -0.75" -0.75" -2.25" -1,312 N/A N/A N/A

Yet another good week :) I had trouble with my right leg last weekend so didn't manage to go running. Hopefully everything will pick up this week :)

Tom Out!

Tom 3.0: Week 1

A belated week 1 round-up...

So here's how week one has gone :)

Week 1

Weight Waist L Arm R Arm L Leg R Leg Total Inches
Start 94 kg 42" 12" 12" 24" 23.5"113.5"
Week 1 92 kg 41.75" 12.25" 12.25" 22.5" 22.75" 111.5"
Improvement -2 kg -0.25" +0.25" +0.25" -1.5" -0.75" -2"

So a good improvement over all :D I'll be talking about the diet tomorrow!

Tom Out!