Teavent 2016: Playing Catch-up and the Final Teas?

In which I make excuses and uncover the treachery of repeated teas...

So after saying I was going to post once a day I went to a Welsh cottage with limited internet and then got a cold that prevented me from tasting the teas. Today I've finally managed to catch-up!

#9 Santa's Little Helpers

Tea Style: Rooibos.

Flavours: Cocoa nibs, chicory, ginger, cinnamon, apples, toffee.

Verdict: It does taste lightly of toffee apples. It is quite different from the other teas but might need more spice to taste 'Christmassy'. Definitely a nice winter tea though.

#10 Silent Night

Tea Style: Herbal infusion.

Flavours: Camomile, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, apples, rosehip, orange peel, strawberries, red cornflower.

Verdict: Very nice as a camomile tea. Sadly this is yet another tea that falls flat as festive. Camomile is such a strong flavour it is all that I can taste!


#11 Winter Wonderland

Tea Style: Rooibos.

Flavours: Rosehip, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, peppermint, cammomile, honeydew melon.

Verdict: Bland with a hint of camomile.



#12 The Night Before Christmas

Tea Style: Camomile.

Flavours: Camomile, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, raspberries, strawberries, safflower, blue cornflower.

Verdict: This is pretty much just camomile tea. I can't taste the other ingredients.

#13-16 Repeats

It seems there are only 12 distinct teas in the calendar :( I'll post again if we get any new teas.

Tom Out!