Project Thor: Mjolnir Part 2

In which I finish Mjolnir...except for the painting.

So I was able to get hold of a hot wire cutter but the wire broke and so I have been forced to continue with the pepakura version of Mjolnir.

The Handle

First I began by cutting some brown shoelace to the correct length and gluing it to the wooden handle in a loop.

Then I cut strips of leather the correct length so that they would go all the way around the handle. I glued them around but had to hold them for a long time to let them dry, there must be an easier way to do this!

The Hammer Head

For the hammer head I continued using the pepakura method though I had to cut a hole for the handle to pass through.

Then i glues the top of the handle to the inside of Mjolnir for stability.


Before painting I first rubberised it with Plastidip which takes a few hours to dry. I then painted the hammer with a dark mix of silver and black acrylic paint. Once this had dried I drybrushed* over the top with silver acrylic paint. I also painted the gaps in the handle with the black base coat and silver over the top.

*Drybrushing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drybrush

Tom Out!

P.S. There are several more Thor updates to come!