2017: In Review

In which I review the year that was...

It's been a pretty exciting year for me. I've started two podcasts, changed jobs and started reviewing food and drink for Luxury London. Less travel in my new job means that I've been able to spend more of my spare time on my side projects. All in all that's lead to:

 25 podcast episodes, 11 food/drink reviews, 9 blog posts

And I'm hoping there will be many more in 2018.

Site Move in Progress

I've had a lot of headaches recently with WordPress failing on my blog and was already in the process of moving everything into one place on SquareSpace. With the recent complete failure of my WordPress theme (and several back-end issues) I have decided to initiate the transfer immediately. 

As the WordPress import is not perfect some posts will have issues I will be manually fixing in the next few weeks. If there is an issue a quick comment using the new Disqus system will bring it to my attention. Thank you for your patience!

Tom Out!


In which I discuss some blog stats...

Firstly thank you everyone who has come to my little corner of the internet to get me to this point. When I started off a little blog about tea 3 years ago I never expected it to be seen by anyone outside my group of friends. Secondly I actually ticked over 20,000 views about a week back but haven't had the time to write this post until now.

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,700 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

2012 in Review & New Year's Resolutions

In which I look back on a year (ish) of blogging and look ahead to 2013...

That Was The Year That Was!

Firstly WordPress have provided this nice summary of my year in blogging:

So this is my first proper year of blogging (I posted a few things before but wasn't really regular at all). It's been a lot of fun and I'm definitely here to stay :) I've managed the majority of my 3,000 odd views this year :)

Let the summarising commence!


I've messed about with Linux and Windows. I upgraded to Windows 8 and enjoyed it (it hasn't pissed me off yet!). I've also spent a fair amount of time learning $latex LaTeX$.


The main event was Project Thor which was a lot of fun and helped keep me in shape.


I didn't do much in the way of Airsoft this year :(


Due to foolishly agreeing to bake a cake for every CAOS rehearsal in order to become Social Secretary I have baked a lot of cakes this year. Also there was the annual Pudding Party!


I've had a placement at AstraZeneca which has been very useful and is still on going. I've also started looking into PostDoc options.


I reviewed a board game based on a TV show you might just have heard of. I also made an advent calendar full of alternative Christmas songs :)


I drank lots of tea and so it was a good year :)

I got featured on which was awesome! This is thanks to the Great British Tea Test 2012 :)

On to 2013!

Having survived the apocalypse let's have a few New Year's Resolutions:


I'll keep tinkering. No particular promises here but expect some more $latex LaTeX$ and Linux stuff along with anything interesting I find out :)


  • There will be some cryptic updates to Project 0 soon!
  • ManSSAGO is hosting the Manchester 2013 Cartoon Rally in February which I intend to have a costume for (I'm thinking Inspector Gadget).
  • Project Reynolds has a slight delay due to the party being moved back. This Project will be finished by mid-February.
  • I intend to get down to 13 stone for Project Reynolds and then down to 12½ stone by October.
  • There will be more sotumes later in the year :)


  • I will definitely airsoft more next year!
  • There will be some site reviews!


I'm 'contractually obliged' to make cakes until March sometime once a week so expect more cake making. It'll give me an excuse to use my new Mason Cash mixing bowl and silicon utensils :D


  • I'll finish my placement at AZ.
  • I will get a paper written (and hopefully published).
  • I will collect all of the data!
  • I will probably decide on PostDocs/future plans.


I'm expecting to get the following things* to review next year:

*I should go on KickStarter less!


Armed with my trusty new leaf tea, teapot and a new review style I will continue to drink lots of tea!

Tom Out!

Airsoft Stag-Do

So my friend Neil is getting married in less than three weeks and in aid of this a group of Warwick Airsoc members went on a private weekend shoot at The Grange and RAF Honiley. So what better chance to review these sites and to mention some of the cool stuff I got up to on my weekend?The Grange

For many members (and ex-members such as myself) of Warwick Airsoc this is our home site and has a fondness in our hearts as one of the first sites we airsofted at. In brief this is an excellent, small, woodland site that is easily accessible to anyone in the Midlands.

So how about a fuller tour? The site features two large fields separated by a trench and extensive bushes (perfect for sneaking around in but quite muddy). There are several crossing points including The Compound in the middle of the site which usually ends up being the location for some heated fire-fights. On the far side of the site there is Little Chuffington a village that is invariably used for a pistol-only game to end the day. Nearer to the safe-zone is the difficult to assault location of Bunker Hill which is a perfect location to set-up your sniper rifle or M249.

The site also features a safe-zone with toilets and showers (yes, you can camp here for a weekend of airsoft!) and a nice shooting range with targets where you will find yourself chrono-ing before a day of shooting.

There is also a well stocked shop which features Gunmunki's custom guns which are truly awesome.

RAF Honiley

I was new to Honiley and it lived up to the hype. In brief this is a small, CQB/woodland site which is a whole lot of fun.

The site has a central complex with smaller buildings surrounding it and ample locations to devise a good ambush. The main building features a large 'Stargate' room and several control rooms and corridors which can become bottlenecks when the other team gets dug-in (memo to self: buy grenades!).

The Weekend's Games

This weekend featured a variety of great games including Compound Football, Zombies!, Bag Tag (c.f. TimeSplitters 2), Army of Two and Towers (an old favourite).

Zombies and Bag Tag were amazing fun and helped change the dynamic of the day ensuring we kept on having fun. The marshalling was great as usual too.


The site is awesome - go visit!

Tom Out!

P.S. This was meant to be posted aaages ago. Go visit the site!

P.P.S. The majority of the photos in this post were taken by the site marshals - thanks to them for the photos and obviously the photographs are copyright them :)

Hello World!

Well this is the first post I'm making here on my shiny new blog.In short I thought no-one would want to listen to my problems etc. (those who do can do so IRL) so I decided to make a blog full of useful/interesting things (or at least it will be).

The name of TinkerTailorSoldierSponge sums up my intention for this blog fairly neatly - these will be the 4 major categories of posts:

  1. Tinker - a catch-all term for DIY and computer related geekery
  2. Tailor - costume design/construction for fancy dress purposes (or even porpoises)
  3. Soldier - Airsoft related activities
  4. Sponge - cookery (mostly cakes) [won't start until mid-June when I move to a house with a working oven]
Over the next few days I'll be getting to grips with WordPress and blogging in general. First to pick a theme...
Tom W