Teavent 2016: 7 & 8

In which I am slow again so a double tea...

So yesterday night I drank tea #7 but then went to bed so here are teas 7 & 8.

#7 - Rudolph's Nose

Tea Style: Fruit infusion.

Flavours: Hibiscus, cinnamon, rosehip, apples, cranberries, chicory, lemongrass.

Verdict: Despite the ingredients I am once again not sure that this is particularly festive. It is a very nice blend though and brews a pleasingly festive red due to the hibiscus. This is probably one of the best ones yet. I might be slightly biased as it is the most different and some of these teas are getting a bit samey.


#8 - Santa Claus' Favourite

Tea Style: Rooibos.

Flavours: Ginger, cocoa beans, star anise, mace.

Verdict: This is another slightly disappointing tea that smells very festive but doesn't deliver on flavour. That being said while it didn't have the warming taste of some of the others it is the most complex tasting with both ginger and star anise blending well together.

Tom Out!