Leaf & Belfast Brew

In which I explain the new plan for my tea blog and a lovely trip to Leamington...

Leaf Tearooms and Piano Bar

In Leamington Spa meeting up with old friends I found myself in possession of a hangover and thus the need for a recovery breakfast. The Leaf tea rooms and piano bar were suggested as the place to go and go we did. It was a lovely experience - I think we walked in to Paparazzi by Lady Gaga being played on the piano. The tea room has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the soothing piano playing is the perfect backdrop when you have a bit of a headache. Although I wasn't there at tea time I am informed that not only do they do a very filling afternoon tea that they also have a wide selection of delectable cakes.

The breakfast was lovely and exactly what I needed.* The egg was exceptionally cooked and the sausages were well seasoned and filling. I was completely stuffed after the meal - it hit the spot perfectly!

*Well the toast could have come pre-buttered, a familial gripe that I explained to my comrades in brunch.

Belfast Brew Irish Breakfast

This was a nice strong breakfast blend. It was richer and stronger than your normal English Breakfast blend. An altogether pleasant experience!

Things to Come

So my plan for this section of the site is for it to become my weekly (ish) blog with attached tea reviews. It'll probably be a little like today's post and I hope everyone enjoys it. It should mix things up a bit as I feel my tea reviews are becoming a little dry.


Leaf: https://www.facebook.com/LeafTearoomsAndPianoBar

Tea: http://www.suki-tea.com/black-tea/fairtrade-belfast-brew-irish-breakfast.html

Tom Out!