Project Thor: The Slow-Carb Diet

So here is the diet plan for Project Thor which is based upon the slow-carb diet from Tim Ferriss' book (see previous post).

Luckily most of this is available online for free so I can post the rules this time :)



.Slow Carb


  1. Avoid 'white' carbohydrates - any carb that is white or can be white (e.g. brown rice is still bad)
  2. Eat the same few meals over and over again mixing at least one item form the three groups: protein, legumes, vegetables.
  3. Don't drink calories
  4. Take one day off a week

There are some other additions to these rules covered in the book and online (see links below).

My Changes

One of the additional rules in the book is allowing you to eat carbs within two hours of  exercise so I've been using that rule when going to the gym. I'm also taking the 'cheat day' and spreading it out across the week as this helps my lack of self control :)


Tim Ferriss' blog post on the Slow-Carb diet:

Diet reference (tells you whether a food is allowed):

Tom out!