October 2017 Digest

In which I summarise October...

So this is a new idea I'm trialling. Now that I'm writing reviews and have 2 podcasts on the go it makes sense to put all the links to what I've done in the last month in a digest. You can get the digest only RSS here: https://www.tinkertailorsoldiersponge.com/blog?format=rss&category=Digest


Dr Wilko's Campaign For Better Beverages

I was fortunate enough to get to make some cocktails for a few reviewers which turned into my special Halloween episode. I also dabbled in reading some literature for the Martini Vesper episode.


Hat of Many Things

With Mike moving house last month and some issues with one of the edits I'm glad that we managed to release 2 full episodes this month. Our topics were Board Games and Game of Thrones.



I've started reviewing for Luxury London and a few of my reviews are now live. Here's a list:

Tom Out!