In which I discuss some blog stats...

Firstly thank you everyone who has come to my little corner of the internet to get me to this point. When I started off a little blog about tea 3 years ago I never expected it to be seen by anyone outside my group of friends. Secondly I actually ticked over 20,000 views about a week back but haven't had the time to write this post until now.

Best Day for the Blog

The best day for my blog is still 24/12/12 when on Christmas Eve a friend of mine shared The Great British Teat Test 2012 with the Tea subreddit. I garnered a total of 488 views from 419 people that day which must've boosted my search engine ranking. I started receiving a steady stream of visitors after that. I am planning on doing another, this time comparing types of Earl Grey later in the year.

Most Viewed Post

Apparently the internet loves guides on dealing with Microsoft, computer related stuff tea and cake. And that's fine by me! I enjoy those topics and will continue to post about them.

Most Viewed Category

Excluding yearly tags I think it's very clear that computer related posts are my winners with PhD related posts also do well. As my PhD winds down there will probably be a few more posts about it before a final review in September/October. Computer related posts will likely be on the rise as I'm looking for programming jobs currently.

Changes Ahead?

I'm going to try and post more frequently and make more computer related posts but I doubt I'm going to get much posted until my thesis is finished.

I also want to revive my YouTube channel - I have some video ideas but currently no time to get them made. Hopefully I'll get some time over summer to work on on or two.

Tom Out!