Sencha Green Tea

In which I blog about the last two weeks, gain another year and try some green tea...

The Last Two Weeks

It's been a busy few weeks so I'm afraid the blog has suffered slightly. I had a hectic week filled with work and rehearsing and just about managed to make a rather ridiculous cake. This was followed by a pretty stellar concert by CAOS which filled out the church and enjoyable festivities thereafter. I plan to update more regularly in the future.

Other than that I have turned another year older and received many gifts of tea, cake and board games. The tea will be reviewed shortly. As for the board games I now have Ticket to Ride: Europe, Alhambra & Hare and Tortoise. I probably won't review these as they've been around long enough to be well reviewed online but I've enjoyed playing them already :D

Sencha Green


Another tea I picked up while at the Whittard's outlet mall. Once again this green tea should be brewed lightly for up to 3 minutes. Sencha green tea is very enjoyable either strongly or weakly brewed. In fact the taste is very different. I quite like it brewed strongly as usual.

Tea should always have some accompaniment and this week I've gone for some music. Classical music has always gone well with tea so it surely should be symphonic. Since this tea is Japanese and I'm a geek I think this will fit the bill nicely:

(The video was sadly removed)


Tom Out!