Project 0

In which I detail my next Halloween project, kind of ...

So following the success of Project Thor you might be wondering what my next project will be. While I'm certain I'll have other opportunities for smaller scale fancy dress throughout the year (there has already been talk of Game of Thrones amongst my housemates*) I am already planning for next Halloween :)

*I can grow the beard for Ned Stark, so shotgun!

The Details I Will Give You

So this Project will be shrouded in mystery **dramatic music**. I will tell you that it involves an extended fitness program again (starting today!), the acquisition of a particular set of skills† and of course the purchase/creation of a costume.

Each of these things represents a goal. Whenever I reach one of these goals I will post a new blog post and increment the title of the post and this category.‡ There will also be hints as to what the costume is (see below).

†Not those ones though

‡Not necessarily numerically

The Game is Afoot!

So every time I post about 'Project 0'  I will post a part of a picture freely available on the internet. If you track this down you will find the full size picture which will be a clue as to the costume. Once you've worked it out feel free to email me at: for prizes!§

§No actual prizes, but the first correct answer (with working as opposed to blind guessing) will get mentioned on the blog when I do the big reveal :)


Here is a small blurry image (I'll find better quality ones for the actual game).

Game example
Game example

If you correctly searched for this image you would find it linked to Pimp That

Hob nobs being crushed

Armed with this image you would see that they are crushing Hobnobs into bits. This would give you the clue that the costume was linked to The Hobbit.

This is a new idea of mine so I hope you all enjoy it!

Tom Out!