Project Thor

So this is my major Tinker (& fitness) project for the time being - Project Thor!

Basically I need ridiculous goals to achieve anything resembling fitness (c.f. running the marathon) and I have not done anything yet for the Tailor part of my blog so I conceived a cunning scheme - to go as convincingly as possible as the guy to the left [<-], The Mighty Thor!

This requires the following things:

  • Getting my weight down to 79 kilos (12.5 stone)
  • Putting on some muscle
  • Crafting Mjolnir
  • Making the upper body armour
  • Obtain some crazy black trousers (I mean just look at them [<-])
  • Obtaining some boots
  • Growing and dyeing my hair blonde
  • The challenge ends on October 31st 2012

Obviously there are a few caveats to the "convincingly" I wrote above. Clearly I am not an actor paid lots of money just to work out for a role so I will do my best to achieve a reasonable physique for the costume.

An update will follow later with 'Before' photos.

Tom out!

P.S. Apparently I already have a cape! :)

P.P.S Follow my weight-loss at Runkeeper: