Polymorph mouldable plastic

So this is the first post of my new combined blogs *maniacal laughter*

One of the things I plan to post about a bit more regularly is my PhD. Not the general day-to-day stuff but the cool and wacky things that you wouldn't expect to do - of which there are many.

So I am in the process of prototyping various bits of MR safe equipment for use in my project and having been playing around with Polymorph. It is a re-mouldable plastic which you can melt in boiling water and then make into any old shape. For bonus cool science points it turns clear when mouldable and  white when it sets :)

Today I've been moulding it around an old tonic bottle and some test tubes - proof that my research will never cease to surprise me!

[You can buy Polymorph from Maplin]

Tom out!

P.S. This is my first Tinker post!

P.P.S. My blog has polymorphed!