dramatic weight loss

Project Thor: Very Demotivational

In which I discuss how easy it is to fake weight loss.

As part of Project Thor I'm hoping to get some pretty good before and after photos. Obviously this required me to take some before photos and then they've sat on my camera for a few weeks :S

Now taking photos of yourself before losing weight is quite demoralising (or even demotivating depending on your personality) and that's all the excuse I need for a title for this blog-post!

For the purposes of full disclosure I thought I'd take photos of me standing straight and hunched and the difference is very dramatic. These photos taken seconds apart show a completely different physique. This reminded me of a post I saw weeks back about how easy it is to fake those 'dramatic weight loss' pictures you see on website advertising. Apparently their method involved:

  • Taking the 'after' shot first
  • Eating a lot of foods which make you bloated
  • Waiting 30 minutes
  • Taking the 'before' shot

Once again don't trust everything you see on the internet (though I expect you knew that already). Enjoy a little demotivational featuring yours truly:

In other news I now own a large block of polystyrene and some wood. Once the leather turns up I can start to craft the mighty Mjolnir! Expect pics and a how-to in the following fortnight!

Tom Out!

P.S. http://memebase.cheezburger.com/verydemotivational