Afternoon Infusion

In which I get a free tea with my pumpkin and ginger cake from Graze...

I recently got a few free Graze boxes and they send you a small piece of cake with complimentary tea :)


"A blend of assam and kenyan leaves."

There were no instructions so I used my usual 5 minutes brewing time and added a little milk.


Lighter than my standard teas but still a light brown, tea colour.


There is a hint of bergamot but the predominant aroma is that of black tea.


This is a very pleasant blend. Perhaps it's a gateway tea to those who don't currently like Earl Grey as it tastes like normal tea with a hint of bergamot. It is very refreshing and a great way to start the afternoon. The fact that it comes packaged with cake doesn't harm it either!

BII Showcase

This week I attended the 4th annual Biomedical Imaging Institute Showcase. It was very interesting to see new MR applications and to see a study that I was a subject in being presented. Also I managed to get the annual free mug, which of course I can now use to drink tea!


A refreshing afternoon blend which comes with a cake :) Lovely.

I know I've said this before but I think I may soon change the layout of my tea reviews as they are getting a little repetitive :S


Tom Out!

Bonus: M&S Turkey Feast

M&S sandwich
M&S sandwich

This week it is time for the king of the Christmas sandwiches IMHO - the M&S sandwich! Will it retain it's crown?

Price: £3.00

Taste: The stuffing is very tasty, you can taste the sage & onion. A small amount of mayonnaise makes the sandwich moist enough without overpowering. It could do with a bit more cranberry sauce but when you get a whole cranberry it is splendid. The turkey has a lot of flavour as opposed to in the others to date where it was indistinguishable from chicken.

Conclusion: Still excellent and the best so far. Will another sandwich topple it in the following weeks?