Arcadia Quest and Reaper's Bones II Unboxing

In which I unbox some  shiny models...

I'm getting back into painting in a big way. What better way that with two Kickstarter's worth of goodies!

Arcadia Quest

I'm painting the minis from Arcadia Quest for a friend. Just look at all the shiny chibi goodness!

Reaper's Bones II

Reaper's Bones are 25mm scale and made of a plastic that you can paint onto straight away without spraying them first. I kickstarted this over a year ago and it finally arrived.

Core Set

This was the bulk of the Kickstarter and it is ridiculous!


There are a good number of dragons I purchased as extras. Perfect for fantasy games.

Dragons Don't Share

One of the best options in this Kickstarter was the epicly big Dragons Don't Share diorama:

Unleash the Kraken!

An extra I couldn't resist. Now to plan an underwater campaign.

I'm going to be painting these over the coming months (or years judging by the number of models!). Many updates to come!

Tom Out!

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