Osmanthus Green: Thesis, YouTube, Update!

In which I review some floral green tea and update you on my life...

Thesis Writing

So thesis writing is fully under-way  now and my supervisors assure me that writing will get harder and longer as it continues - fun, fun, fun!

It takes me a while to get into writing but I expect I'll make a video about Thesis writing soon. I actually quite enjoy writing though so I hope I'll be able to keep the pace up and stay on schedule :)

In other news I'm now looking at jobs/postdocs for next year which is both scary and exciting. I'll probably write more about my experiences of that on here once I start getting applications and such done.


So my YouTube channel has been updated poorly during Movember. I'm going to do my best to get more updates out from now on and there will be a video uploaded this evening* where I will explain what I'm doing next.


  • silly dancing!
  • a Mo!
  • promises of videos yet to come!

Stay tubed!


Blog Update

So upcoming things before Christmas:

  • OGRE review - have a sneak peak at the pictures on Google+
  • Christmas Cake Pt. 2 - this time with icing! (Part 1)
  • More tea!

Things I'm not going to able to do from my New Year resolutions:

  • Full review of The Banner Saga because it's not out until January.
  • Review of Wasteland 2 because it's not out yet either.

Next Tailor project:

  • Steampunk Tony Stark for Manchester Steampunk Ball 2014!

Osmanthus Green

So I recently took advantage of Twinings £30 of free tea when you buy £50 from their online shop. I'll review the £30 of freebies in the future but I also bought an interesting looking green tea - Osmanthus Green.

This tea is a green tea with Osmanthus flowers in it. I've not really paid attention to how long I've brewed it for but it seems to hold up to my idiosyncratic brewing times (c.f. when I'm not busy with a thesis). The green tea never overpowers the floral flavour of the tea. It is pleasant and delightful - the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up :)