Project 007: Bond, James Bond

In which I reveal the costume...

And only 2 people guessed correctly! And no-one guessed what the numbers were!

Clue 1

Obviously in this image Chicken Licken is worried about the Sky Falling down and Mike gets an internet cookie for getting it right on that alone. John managed to use some amazing logic relating to beards to convince himself otherwise. Watch this space for a video of beard loss!

Clue 2

This is the best available substitute for Kina Lillet an ingredient in the Vesper martini from Casino Royale.

Clue 3

A valentines card that is definitely From Russia With Love.

Clue 4

Again another reference to the Vesper martini!


Non-one got the numbers. Friends I am disappoint!

The numbers are the agents who have died on film (below 007):

  • 002 Bill Fairbanks
  • 003 Jason Walters
  • 004 Aidan Flemmings
  • 005 Stuart Thomas
  • 006 Alec Trevelyan

Tom Out!