Project 003: Second Clue

In which I give you another clue...

Without further ado, here's clue 2!

Last week one person was able to work out the answer correctly but the rest of you have all been wrong I'm afraid! Here's a link to Clue 1 to refresh your memory!


  • 4 clues in the run-up to Halloween 2013.
  • Each a cropped picture that is readily Google-able.
  • You need to find the original picture.
  • And use that to try and work out what costume I'm going for.
  • Answers on a postcard to
  • Comments will be disabled on these posts - no giving away the answers!

Tom Out!

P.S. The numbers went up by 2 last week and by one this week? What does that mean? Or am I just toying with you?