It's A Brand New Tea!

And the sun is high, all the birds are singing, this is one to try...

So a shiny tea I haven't reviewed yet and some news :)

Jasmine Green Tea

Apologies for the slow tea reviewing - there's been lots of work and holidaying.*

So this is yet another tea I purchased at the Whittard's outlet shop. I bought a big box with lots of different 5 x tea bags sets in it. And having never had Jasmine tea before I figured I should sample something new.

This tea is lovely. As I've said I've not tasted Jasmine before though I have been aware of what it smells like. The tea mostly tastes of Jasmine which is a change from the majority of my green teas. It's a nice break from the sheer amount of green tea I seem to drink at work now. It breaks up the monotony (as does the Earl Grey one).

Recommendation: Tasty & different, enjoy!

*That's totally a verb isn't it?†

†It actually is in the Oxford Dictionary, I was surprised.

Upcoming Things!

So you may have noticed I've not really been updating  my blog sections on MRI and PhD related stuff. There are some reasons for this:

  1. I've had difficulty finding the time to write the posts.‡
  2. I've had difficulty putting the ideas into written words, I think I need a new medium...
  3. I'm planning on starting a YouTube channel to discuss Science-y things, PhD stuff, being a young researcher and occasionally poking fun at the life of a researcher.

So look out for my new YouTube channel coming soon to a screen near you!

‡This is getting better recently :)

Tom Out!

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