On Tea - Tea Throughout the Day

In which I give my thoughts on what tea to drink when throughout the day...

So as a British person (66% of Britons drink tea daily) I feel the need to consume a good quantity of tea everyday. The average Briton drinks 3½ cups a day - you'll find me at the top of the bell curve dong my best to keep the average up. I normally have around 6 cups a day.

While some people do just stick to their standard brew all day I like to mix it up and traditionally different strength teas were drunk at different times of day.

When I'm at work I find it easiest to make tea with tea bags but at home I try my best to make leaf tea where possible.

The Traditional

This is what might be considered a 'traditional' daily tea regimen:

Time Tea
Breakfast English Breakfast or another strong tea to start the day
Elevenses A lighter tea such as Darjeeling or Earl Grey
Lunch A normal strength brew such as Yorkshire Tea or Whittard's 1886
Afternoon Tea A light tea such as Darjeeling or Earl Grey
Pre-Dinner A normal strength brew such as Red Label or Assam
Post-Dinner Either a light tea such as Darjeeling, Green Tea or a herbal tea like Camomile tea

The Me

This is my usual workday tea drinking schedule.:

Time Tea
Breakfast Sencha Green*
Elevenses Whittard's Green Earl Grey
Lunch Whittard's Traditional/Yorkshire
Afternoon Tea Earl Grey with milk†
Pre-Tea ner White Tea or Green
Post-Dinner Something interesting from my collection

*Green tea extract can increase metabolic rate, whether the tea does or not I don't know: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/70/6/1040.full

†I've mentioned this before

The Mother

This is my mum's tea plan for the day. Proof that drinking the same brew the whole time isn't actually a problem:

Time Tea
Breakfast Earl Grey with milk
Elevenses Earl Grey with milk
Lunch Earl Grey with milk
Afternoon Tea Earl Grey with milk
Pre-Tea ner Earl Grey with milk
Post-Dinner Earl Grey with milk

The Weekend

I like to try different things at the weekend:

Time Tea
Breakfast English Breakfast or another strong blend
Elevenses Something interesting to brighten my morning
Lunch Yorkshire or equivalent
Afternoon Tea Earl Grey or something interesting and cake flavoured
Pre-Dinner One of my interesting green teas
Post-Dinner A herbal tea or flavoured leaf tea

Comment with how you drink tea throughout the day!

In other news I'm back from holiday and there are some DSLR, Kickstarter reviews and Tea reviews to come as well as an ambitious cake project next week! :)

Tom Out!

P.S. Hilariously the UK Tea Council has a ticker telling you how many cups of tea have been drunk today in the UK.