Green Earl Grey

In which I restock my work tea...

Teat for the Tea God! Mugs for the Mug Throne!

I was down to my last few tea bags at work and so decided to head the the Lowry Outlet Mall where there is a Whittard's outlet shop with a few friends.

There were some good discounts available:

  • Buy one get one half price on all tea/coffee
  • Ridiculous discounts on all Christmas packaged products (up to 80% off)

And now I have a large stock of new tea for work and for reviewing!

I will endeavour to review other tea brands in between all these Whittard ones too!

Green Earl Grey

"Stop what you are doing and savour!"

Regular readers will now I am a big fan of Earl Grey. With the aforementioned offers I just had to risk it and get hold of some green Earl Grey. This tea is essentially just green tea with bergamot added.

It's a lovely brew and means I can enjoy Earl Grey at work without the need for milk or lemon*. It's lighter than the black tea equivalent and very refreshing. I would heartily recommend it!

*Yes I drink Earl Grey with milk - I like it that way!


Lowry Outlet Mall:


Tom Out!