Project Reynolds: Objects in Space

In which I look into the required gear...

So far I’ve only been able to internet shop for my costume but these are my preliminary ideas.


The full replica coat is around $350 (plus shipping to the UK) so that’s out of the question. Currently I’m looking at something like this:

This is cheap £25 but I’ll have to look at one in person to see if it looks any good. Then I’ll have to edit it a bit to get it looking right.


I’m currently thinking I will just wear a pair of chinos higher than usual (held up by braces).

The braces in the show are Israeli Army H Braces:

This minus the belt bascially

These are cheap if you can find them. If I can’t I’ll have to look into normal beige braces.


I’ve found quite a few wine or burgundy coloured shirts online such as:

From Debenhams

These are quite (one is around £12) reasonable and actually could be worn casually without the costume :)


The pistol in the show is unique (except for very expensive replicas). I’m thinking of getting a cheap toy revolver then sticking some bits to it. Afterwards I’ll paint it bronze and hopefully it’ll look the part.

The holster should be fairly easy as online there are lots of these available quite cheaply:

Available on eBay

And as for a belt to hold the holster up? I think I already have something suitable :)


Currently I own some ‘pirate boots’ which cover your shoes. Next weekend, however, I think I’ll go look around the Northern Quarter looking at second hand shops. If I spot anything good then I might buy those as well.

This party is well over a month away but I’m already looking forward to it! :)

Tom Out!