Christmas Tea

In which I review a Christmas Tea...

There's no picture of the Christmas Tea on their website but the tea caddies look like this :)

This is the 100th post of my blog and since my tea reviews have been getting a little samey recently I'm going to change my review style.

Christmas Tea


£7.95 for a metal tea caddy. Less though if you buy it bagged.


When I was camping near Ilkely I was able to visit Betty's Ilkley Tea Room and purchase their Christmas Tea blend.

This tea comes as loose leaves in a lovely tea caddy (pictured, also available in smaller quantities bagged). The tea looks like black tea with mixed peel and spices added in.

It takes 3-5 minutes to brew so as usual I went for the full five minutes. This tea is best drunk without milk.

The tea is lovely. The black tea flavour is there but it is subdued. There are strong overtones of cinammon, clove and orange. It is indeed very Christmassy though I think a cup at a time is probably enough for me. It's gorgeous but not a everyday brew. Very warming in these winter months though :)


The Christmas Tea is no longer on their website but you can view the other Tea Caddies here:,28.aspx

Tom Out!