Project Reynolds: Shindig

In which I lay out plans for my next Tailor Project...

My housemate has decided that his birthday party this year will be Sci-Fi themed so obviously I need to step up to the plate. Time to plan for this shindig!

The Character

If you haven't seen Firefly, in short - you should! This awesome series is best described as a Space Western and is written by the inimitable Joss Whedon. It follows the adventures of the crew of Serenity as they wheel and deal their way through space.*

The captain of this fine ship is Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds who has been described as a cross between Han Solo and Indiana Jones.†

*Sadly it was cancelled during its first season because Fox are idiots. They then made a film to finish off the story when the fans demanded it back.

†A quick Google search for Mal Reynolds and Han Solo results in some of the geekiest debates this side of would the Enterprise defeat a Star Destroyer?

The Plan

  • End up looking something like this:

That should keep me busy over Christmas and the New Year :)

Tom Out!

P.S. Some of the progress towards this will count for Project 0 too. Keep your eye on it, I haven’t forgotten!