2nd December 2012

In which the elfs and I investigate the publicity of Mediæval Bæbes...

Today's song is the classic Gaudete which you may well know the Steeleye Span version of. Here is the version performed by the Mediæval Bæbes:

I think their album covers show an obvious change in publicity tactics. For example here's their first album, Salva Nos, which is where Gaudete is from:


A cover which definitely fits with the medieval theme of their music. Their next album then features the artists themselves:

worlds blysse.jpg

Apparently slowly dissolving into the curtains. Then their publicity guy went "Hey they're all women, let's put them in nicer dresses":


Which was followed by the noughties hitting them suddenly:


Where they look like an extended cast of Charmed. Then the publicity guy clearly came back with "We need sexy dresses and lighting!":


Then they went all out on the photoshoot:


While it would be cool to think that the new marketing is due to them being assured women I expect it was a male advertising exec who came up with the idea. Maybe men just don't like medieval songs in general and the need to push into the market?

Tom Out!