Project Thor: Armour

In which I cover the creation of Thor's armour, the hardest part of the build.

This follows a similar, though more complicated, method to Mjolnir (Parts 1 & 2)

More Pepakura

So once again I downloaded a pepakura template.* Then I began cutting out the hundreds of parts (there were 54 A4 pages of parts). I numbered all the edges so I knew which ones went together and laid them out on the floor:

Pile of pieces
Laid out

As I laid parts out I started to form them into sections: the belt, left chest, right chest, centrepiece, left and right sides.

Right side
Parts glued

Finally all the parts were glued together and ready to paint but the party was almost upon me!

*Found here:

Bonus: Trousers

Thor has some cool pleather trousers in the film. I decided on the cheap option of pyjama bottoms a size (or two) too small with a red strip of fabric glued down the side.



I painted the six discs pure silver and painted the rest of the armour in alternating sections of black and silvery black. Sadly the silvery black doesn't really look very good. I will probably go back and drybrush that in the future like I did with Mjolnir.

The painted armour

After the paint was (almost) dry I had some helpers connect the back straps and my cape with a stapler.

The Finished Article

Behold the costume!

Thor! 1
The Mighty Thor!
Thor's eyes
Hammer down?

Tom Out!