Twinnings Free Sample 1

For those of you who don't know, Twinnings are currently giving away free samples (

)! I took them up on their kind offer and chose a flavoured green tea for this week's tea.


"Allow one bag per person and add freshly boiled water. Leave to infuse for no more than two minutes to ensure you get a light, delicate, fresh taste. Always best enjoyed without milk."

This tea is brewed for much less time than the others in the Twinnings range. Also since this is a green tea no milk is required.


Very pale green-brown similar to normal green tea.


Very light smell with orange definitely present. I'm not sure that I can smell the lotus flower but I do have a cold at the moment.


Delicate is definitely the case this is much lighter than normal green tea. If you're not a fan of green tea normally you might enjoy this. You can definitely taste the orange but it is again fairly light. Definitely refreshing but very weak compared to my usual tastes.


I tried this while sat down for this week's episode of The Apprentice after a thorough spring cleaning of the house. It definitely helped refresh me during my well deserved sit down.


Delicate and light with hints of orange. Nice after a spring clean!


See you all next week!