I’ve decided to run a Basics of MRI ‘course’ as part of the PhD section of my blog. The aim is for this to be easy to follow and engaging for people who haven't got a degree in physics.* Depending on how much free time I have this will run weekly/fortnightly on Mondays.† This page will act as a static index :)

  1. What is MRI?
  2. What do I Need?
  3. Spin
  4. Getting a Signal
  5. Getting an Image
  6. What is a Digital Image?
  7. Contrast
  8. Image Processing
  9. Advanced MRI
  10. Imaging Alternatives?
  11. Problems with MRI?
  12. Advances in MRI

*I may do a more advanced version later with significantly more maths.

†Despite my love of alliteration I’ve avoided the possibility of Monthly MRI Mondays!